We came to party!

There are few things that really get children counting down in 'sleeps'.  One of the main highlights in their year is their birthday.  There's nothing more exciting than knowing your special day is on the horizon, and that it will be filled with presents, cake, family and friends.

The first celebrations

But what's the history behind celebrating the day of your birth?  Did you know that apparently it was the Ancient Egyptians who were the first to herald these special days, but not of their own family members.  The Egyptians attributed days for each of their gods and goddesses, and worshipped them on those days. 

Then there was light

Birthdays of the gods were also celebrated by the Ancient Greeks but they progressed the festivities with the addition of candles.  Artemis – the moon goddess – had her day marked by the Greeks by placing a candle on a loaf of bread to represent her radiance. Candles were later used to get the attention of the gods to answer their prayers.  We now use a similar variation by placing candles on our cakes and making a wish as the flames are blown out.


We came to party!

There's no time like the 'present'

When you receive a gift on your birthday don't just thank the giver, thank the Pagans.  The Pagans believed that whenever there was change in a person's life they were more susceptible to bad luck.  So on a person's birthday people would gather and give gifts to promote good feelings and ward off evil.

Let them eat cake

The Victoria sponge was first created by one of Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting.  Coincidentally, it was during Victorian times that cake became part of the birthday celebration and children's parties became more popular, as it was a way to demonstrate a family's wealth, and also used to teach the younger members of the family etiquette to stand them in good stead for their future lives as gentry.

So the history of birthdays - and the main elements people associate with them - have evolved over the course of around 2,500 years.

Today's kids parties

Modern parents often find birthday parties very stressful which is why we offer a variety of party packages and options to suit all budgets, and make life easier.  We can supply balloons, invitations, birthday packs and even party bags.  To see the full list of fabulous themed parties we offer please visit https://lets-explore.com/parties-private-hire or call us to discuss your requirements on 01293 826801.

We look forward to celebrating with you!