Play safe

It is well documented that playtime is a fundamental part of a child's physical and mental development.  When it comes to play some children are risk takers, some are dare devils and some are just naturally more boisterous than others.  Whether your child is charging around like a bull in a china shop or carefully trying to accomplish the monkey bars, accidents invariably do happen.  While we can't prevent children bumping themselves or into each other, we do have a responsibility to ensure our equipment and facilities are checked and maintained regularly, to a high standard, for the health and safety of children, their carers and our staff.

We go about this in several ways.  Before Lets Explore opens its doors a daily safety check of all play equipment is undertaken.  To ensure nothing is missed this is performed by completing a checklist of routine inspection areas.  At the end of each play session we clean all the equipment and the facility as a whole.  This includes hoovering and wiping down frames with a specialist cleaning products to ensure that 99.9% of germs are killed. 

To safeguard the happiness and security of the children while we are open we have additional measures in place.  Firstly, our sessions are timed sessions.  What most people don't realise is we do this so we are never in danger of exceeding our capacity.  This results in a better all-round experience for all our guests.

Play safe

While visiting us we want everyone to have a happy and relaxed time so we man our entrance and exits with a member of staff to keep any 'would-be escapologists' in the building.  We are very proud of our safety record, and even monitor our soft play spaces with CCTV cameras to give parents and carers extra peace of mind.

As if this wasn't enough we host an annual independent inspection of our whole establishment.  This includes PAT testing on electrical appliances, fire extinguishers and alarms, as well as our Carbon Monoxide detectors.

Safety and high standards are paramount to us which is why we are deemed as an excellent destination for families across Surrey.  If this is not enough, remember we cater for the whole family.  From our baby and toddler corners, to the three themed soft play zones and not forgetting our café and restaurant we have your family's day covered.  We even host SEN events on the 1st Tuesday of the month between 4pm-6pm. No wonder people return to us time after time!

So come and see us soon.  We will provide the safety and fun, and all you need to bring is energy and laughter.  We look forward to welcoming you here soon!