How to maximise your soft play experience

You've committed to it.  You've told the children that you're going to a soft play centre near you and it's been greeted with a massive 'Yay!'. Very well done.  You've earned yourself some parenting points (not that you'll ever get to redeem them on anything fun, but it's one to keep in your pocket and make yourself feel better in time of need).  Your next task is to keep the momentum going and don't destroy the experience by making a rookie error.  Here we give you some hints and tips to maximise the soft play experience for everyone, and keep the day running as smoothly as possible.

Call or book your local soft play in advance

Have you ever taken your child to a soft play centre only to be told that you can't join a session as it's full or booked out for a private party?  Any parent or carer who has been in this situation will know how devastating it is for the children you're with.  To avoid disappointment, see whether you can book a timeslot online or call them to check before you set off.  Follow us on Facebook, as we update our feed when we are really busy or quiet so you can check before setting off.

How to maximise your soft play experience

Don't put your foot in it – bring socks for soft play

Do ensure when you prepare to leave home that you have a pair of socks.  Some soft play centres insist that children's feet are covered to lessen the risk of spreading infections like verrucas and athlete's foot.  You can buy some socks with rubber-like patches on the sole that can help children grip better when they play, and also reduce the risk of slipping.  Ensure you have a pair of socks with you too for those moments when the kids get stuck in the ball-pit and need a bit of help!

Healthy snacks for children

With a rise in common allergies (and if your little one is a fussy eater!) it's always advisable to pack your child's favourite drink and snacks, as you can't always guarantee the venue will have something suitable.   There is nothing worse than a ravenous (or worse still 'hangry') child after an energy-filled soft play date.   However, if you fancy staying a bit longer then we have our own onsite café and also the family-run restaurant Blacks Burgers.  You can find out more about the mouth-watering menu here.

Soft play for all ages

If you have more than one child it is often hard to find somewhere that will cater for their different ages and needs.   When we decided to open Lets Explore we identified this problem and overcame it by having dedicated age appropriate areas.  While the older children can dive under the sea, enter the jungle and blast off into space, younger members of the family can roll and crawl in the baby zone, and build confidence in toddler corner.  Find out more about our soft play centre here.

Ready to book? You can do so here or call us on 01293 826801.  We look forward to seeing you soon!