Keeping clean for hygiene 


May is a wonderful month as the weather starts to truly warm up, and the plants and trees are in full bloom.   The downside to being in the midst of spring is that as the outside world begins to wake, so do some common childhood illnesses like chicken pox, gastroenteritis and scarlet fever, among others.  All of these are highly contagious and can be very easily spread.

There are several practical things that parents and carers can do to help strengthen and develop a child's immune system.  These include ensuring children get enough sleep, teaching good hand hygiene routines and offering snacks that benefit the gut's flora.  Include foods such as strawberries and carrots that contain vitamin C, and prebiotic and probiotic foods like bananas an yoghurt as all of these are known to help boost the immune system.

Here at Lets Explore we feel we have a responsibility, and a part to play in keeping germs down to a bare minimum, to dovetail with the good work our parents are doing to help their little ones.

From conception we designed and adjusted all our play equipment so it can be easily accessed and washed by our staff.  In fact, since we opened around 18 months ago we have already spent more than 21,112 hours keeping the facilities clean. 

A recent study in America analysed the bacteria in ball pits and found 30 different types harbouring in there.  To stop ours being a playground for germs and hidden nasties we have a monthly ball pit clean that sanitises enough balls to enable a fortnightly change.  But that's not all we do to ensure our hygiene surpasses that of most other soft 
play facilities.  After every play session we clean the whole facility, which includes hoovering and wiping down the frames, and quarterly we host a 12 hour deep clean by a team of eight people.   

We use specialist cleaning products and machines to ensure that 99.9% of germs are killed, and if this isn't enough, our specialist air conditioning units have filters to clean the air of pollen and certain types of dust.

As we host many birthday parties here we also have hand hygiene stations to try to limit bacteria cross contamination before children (and adults!) eat at our facilities.

We like to think that we offer the gold standard in soft play cleanliness and are one of the most hygienic soft play areas in the UK.